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Message from seller: DISCLAIMER-FOR UA FACULTY & STAFF ONLY (08/28/19): Property that is claimed from UA Surplus online must be utilized on university property by UA faculty& staff, and is not intended for external use. For audit and tracking purposes, effective immediately, any items claimed online must be delivered to UA departmental locations by Logistics personnel after a work order has been submitted. We can no longer allow items to be physically taken from the showroom without a work order.
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  Description Make/Brand Model Year Location End Date/Time Current Bidsort by pricing Shortcuts
2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4-Door 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4-Door
ID: GV5719 UA#237017 S5745A
Dodge Ram 1500 2007 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 24
Gymnastics Springboard Floor Gymnastics Springboard Floor
ID: GV5437 UA#240096
AAI Custom Elite Spring Deck Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 4
1994 Chevrolet C2500 1994 Chevrolet C2500
ID: GV5720 UA#230426 S5871A
Chevrolet C2500 1994 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 7
1995 Chevrolet C2500 1995 Chevrolet C2500
ID: GV5721 UA#233735 S6032A
Chevrolet C2500 1995 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 6
1996 Jeep Cherokee 4-Door 4WD 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4-Door 4WD
ID: GV5718 UA#224606 S5977A
Jeep Cherokee 1996 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 6
2005 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD
ID: GV5717 UA#235957 S2615B
Ford Escape Hybrid 2005 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 1
Gymnastics Carpet Gymnastics Carpet
ID: GV5438 UA#240097
AAI American Elite Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 1
Mixing Console Mixing Console
ID: GV5595
Yamaha LS9-16 Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 19
Espresso Machine Espresso Machine
ID: GV5209 UA#236782
Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 8
Computer Connecting Cables Computer Connecting Cables
ID: GV5712
Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 5
Items 1 through 10 of 345

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