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  Description Make/Brand Model Yearsort by year Location End Date/Time Current Bid Shortcuts
Auto Scrubber Auto Scrubber
ID: 36
Port Hope, ON
C $300.00
  Bids: 1
Towel and Tissue Dispensers Towel and Tissue Dispensers
ID: 23
Tuscaloosa, AL

  Bids: 1
Shop Vac Shop Vac
ID: 261
Sears Asheboro, NC

  Bids: 25
Floor Buffer Floor Buffer
ID: 262
Betco PB-21 Asheboro, NC

  Bids: 12
One lot of Toilet Stalls One lot of Toilet Stalls
ID: girls room
Dartmouth, MA

Breuer Electric Tornado Vacuum Breuer Electric Tornado Vacuum
ID: Modular 4
Dartmouth, MA

  Bids: 1
Eagle Propane Floor Scrubber Eagle Propane Floor Scrubber
ID: Modular 5
Dartmouth, MA

  Bids: 5
One lot of (2) Floor Polishers One lot of (2) Floor Polishers
ID: Modular 6
Dartmouth, MA

Back Pack Vacuum Back Pack Vacuum
ID: 510
Columbia, MO

  Bids: 3
Back Pack Vacuums Back Pack Vacuums
ID: 511
Columbia, MO

  Bids: 6
Items 1 through 10 of 44

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