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  Description Make/Brand Model Year Location End Date/Time Current Bidsort by pricing Shortcuts
lateral File Cabinets (8) lateral File Cabinets (8)
ID: B3357
Memphis, TN

Microcalorimeter Microcalorimeter
ID: B3358
Hart Scientific 6238 and/or CSC IMC 4400 Memphis, TN

Tractionaid Tractionaid
ID: B3359
Simmons Co - Hausted Div H-6400 Memphis, TN

Lab fume hood (table-top) Lab fume hood (table-top)
ID: B3360
Labconco Cat. #69000-00 Memphis, TN

Speakers - drop ceiling tile mount (20) Speakers - drop ceiling tile mount (20)
ID: B3361
KSI 6061 CS Series III Memphis, TN

Items 1 through 5 of 5

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