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  Description Make/Brand Model Yearsort by year Location End Date/Time Current Bid Shortcuts
Food Warmer Steamer Food Warmer Steamer
ID: HSD gf fac 1175 hill grant
Crescor Olathe, KS

  Bids: 2
Steam Tables Steam Tables
ID: HSD gf fac grant gra
Duke Olathe, KS

  Bids: 1
Double Oven (Asset# 28387 KL) Double Oven (Asset# 28387 KL)
ID: 9478
Valdosta, GA

  Bids: 19
Coca Cola Beverage Cooler Coca Cola Beverage Cooler
ID: 880
Linn, MO

Servend Ice Dispencer Servend Ice Dispencer
ID: 881
Linn, MO

  Bids: 5
Follett Ice Machine Bin Follett Ice Machine Bin
ID: 882
Linn, MO

  Bids: 1
Lern Ice Dispencer Lern Ice Dispencer
ID: 883
Linn, MO

  Bids: 2
Scottsman Ice Bin Scottsman Ice Bin
ID: 884
Linn, MO

  Bids: 7
Stainless Ice Bin Stainless Ice Bin
ID: 885
Linn, MO

  Bids: 4
ID: 108
Mercedes, TX

  Bids: 1
Items 1 through 10 of 214

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